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Grown for flavour


Why Brix products?

Dedication to work has always a strong impact on results accomplished in agriculture by Serbian producers.

Inspired by a tradition and experience BRIX – Grown for flavour offers high quality natural products to share this joy of an exceptional taste and aroma.

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Highly fertile soil

Rich soil providing plant nutrients and minerals, capable of producing vegetation and crops of high quality

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Perfect climatic conditions

Continental with hot summer months
35 °C +

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Ideal insolation

Average 280-300 sunny days annually
/ average yearly sum of global solar irradiation per square meter is
1.430 kWh / m2 / year

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High natural sugar

High natural sugar and mineral content
(in fruit 16 – 22 °Bx)

About us

Brix – Grown for flavour 

Because taste and quality matter.

Our vision is to be a strong global brand dedicated to innovation, growth and maintaining our consumers’ trust. We aim at producing foods of highest quality containing nothing but 100% wholesome ingredients and contributing to people’s healthy lifestyle

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